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Allocation of trophies Badges Medals

Allocations of County Trophies @ Championship shoots


County Championship Trophies, Badges, and Medals are given out has per the CPSA rule booklet No 1 page 30 14.1 Badges and Trophies.

If a Category winner is also county champion then They take both the County championship and cateogry Trophies but only one winners medal,

Categories are Ladies, Veteran, Junior, Colt`s,

If a Senior wins the championship they take the county trophy and a winners medal.

categories take there own trophy and medal.

There is not a Senior class trophy for Leicestershire, only a County championship trophy and in some cases a Category championship trophy.

If we are to have a Senior class trophy then we need to raise the cash to purchase up to 16 more trophies, If you have any surggestions on how to achive this please contact any County Commettee member.