LEICESTERSHIRE Website : Inter county teams & Rusults 2015

inter County teams

All county shoots are on the Welcome page with dates.Also includes team mangers for the 2015 season, If you are intrested in shooting for your county please contact one of the team mangers or county Secetary @   alanbott100@hotmail.co.uk   or 

Treasure on accoxf3@gmail.com.  If you have any News or other items you would like included on the web site please contact Tony Cox on above email.

2015 intercounties teams for Leicestershire & Rutland CPSA.


National inter county DTL Team as Follows.@ Northampton SG

Senior team

D Haywood, J Linnell, J Symcox, Alex Harris, S Palfremans, &  S Cramphorn  


Vets team,  Mike Brooks, Keith Taylor, & M Tebbet, 



 2015 ABT team places as follows @ Nottingham & district October 25th.

Kevin Borley, J Linnell, Andy Hill, D Hardy,J Symcox, G Kendrick, William Marshall, Tony Socket, Tony Cox.


FITASC Team 2015. September 26th/27th @ Barrow Heath SG


Gary Greet, Adam Curtis, Rachael Willcock, Dave Cockrill, Sean Bown, John Squires


Steve Brightwell, John Wells, Clive Eames, Alan Pearson.