North Website : English Sporting Selection Procedure 2021

CPSA North Region English Sporting Team Selection Form

Team Size: 10 Seniors ( 3 reserves), 3 Ladies(2 reserves), 3 Juniors(2 reserves), 3 Veterans(2 reserves).

  • Complete the application form with your three lowest point scores from the five 100 target selection shoots. Points are calculated from the North Region High Gun of the event; with one point being incurred for every target less than the winning score overall.
  • Selection will be decided based upon the amount of points scored the lowest scoring shooters making the team. In the event of a tie we will use your score from the last selection shoot on the calendar.
  • To represent the North Region team you must reside in the north region.
  • You must have booked and paid for a place on the British Open Sporting. No team places are reserved.
  • You must be a fully paid CPSA member at the time of the British Open and throughout the selection process.
  • Please ensure that this form is submitted at least 7 working days before the start of the British Open. Forms submitted after this deadline will NOT be considered for the team.

Form can be found here to download or print.

If you wish to post the form back please contact Thomas Long on his mobile : 07931554986

Or Can be filled out below: