H&W wll hold their 50 registered Compact Sporting championships, the John Hadley Memorial Charity shoot (50 bird DTL) and a pool shoot on the UTR layout at Park Farm SG on Saturday 9th February 2019 with entry times 10 am till 11 am.    
After the shooting we will then head for The March Hare Inn, Broughton Hackett, Worcestershire, WR7 4BE for lunch, AGM and the 2018 County presentation awards.
Lunch is a two course carvery at £11 per person.  If you are interested contact Pat Smith for further information or to book a table, telephone or text on 07969 452580 or email


Hereford & Worcester CPSA held a very successful Ladies training day at Park Farm Shooting Ground on Saturday 25th August.  The 11 ladies that took park had a very enjoyable and instructive day with coaching on Sporting, English Skeet and DTL.  We look forward to seeing them all again very soon.  Our thanks to the coaches, Rod Davies, Glenn Crowther, Matt Woodruffe and Lucy Righton for helping us out.  Also our thanks to Rod for the refreshments and to Gill for the lovely cakes she made for us.

Gill Hibberd, Rod Davies, Sue Hallett, Matt Woodruffe, Robyn Johnson, Glenn Crowther, Grace Clutterbuck and Kelly Stringfellow




H&W will hold a Ladies training day (Senior, Veteran or Junior Ladies) at Park Farm SG on Saturday 25th August with a 10.30 start. All applications to be made to Pat Smith on 07969 452580 with the decision being filtered to eligible Ladies in the following order.

  1. Member of the CPSA

  2. Potential new member of the CPSA with a shotgun certificate.

  3. Potential new member of the CPSA without a shotgun certificate.


Funding has been agreed with West Midlands Regional Committee for up to 10 shooters to take part. Each shooter will receive 100 cartridges to shoot 3 cards of 25 but we are stipulating that one of these cards of 25 must be shot at DTL, the shooter can nominate the other 50 clay's of their choice, either Skeet, Sporting or a mix of two of the three disciplines. Coaches will be there to look after all three disciplines. This will be on a first come first serve basis but if we receive more applications than stipulated we feel another course could be booked in the future.




It is with great sadness that I have to report the death of Mr John Hadley on Wednesday 30th May 2018.  John had been on the Hereford & Worcester committee for many years and was a very keen DTL shooter and shot in many of the County DTL teams at Inter Counties.  He was also a very keen fly fisherman.  He will be missed by many people.  His funeral will take place at 11.30 am on Wednesday 20th June 2018 at Worcester Cremetorium.





Our AGM took place at The March Hare Inn, Broughton Hackett on Saturday 10th February 2018 at 5pm with 30 members attending. 


After the acceptance of last year's minites we heard reports from the outgoing Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.  The Chairman thanked everyone for attending.  He highlighted how close H&W had come to winning all catagories of the Lyalvale shield with Seniors, Ladies, Juniors, Veterans and Gun Up Trophy all in 2nd position and Gun Down Trophy 3rd.  The Chairman urged our members to support the team managers when selecting Inter County teams.  Also we will arrange another Ladies day with H&W sponsoring this event.


The Secretary detailed all members that had excelled in 2017.


The Treasurer was happy with the H&W balance as we'd had another good year.


The election of new officers for 2018 took place as follows:-

Chairman - Rod Davies

Vice Chairman - Nick Stokes

Secretary - Pat Smith

Treasurer - Nick Stokes

Matt Pugh

John Smith

Graeme Walker

Jerry Ruane

Andrew Foxall

Brandon Smith

Tim Smith

Roy Spooner

Brian Smith

Archie Parker-Smith

Lee Kirby

Matt Bodfish

Paul Cerri


The meeting closed at 5.30pm


We then held the presentation awards for 2017.




The AGM took place on the 4th February 2017 at the Leaking Well with over 40 people attending. After both the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer had given their reports for 2016 the 2017 committee was elected. Rod Davies (Chairman), Nick Stokes (Vice-Chairman), Pat Smith (Secretary), Nick Stokes (Treasurer), Simon Jones, Mike Perry, Matt Pugh, John Hadley, Wes Harris, Graeme Walker, Jerry Ruane, Andrew Foxall, Brandon Smith and Archie Parker-Smith.  This followed the first of our 2017 County Championships which we held at Park Farm SG.  The Skeet Doubles County Championship was won with a very impressive 48ex50 by Brandon Smith, he also won the Junior title.  The Compak Sporting County Championship was won by Phil Smith on 48ex50.  (full details in the discipline section)

2016 Champions with their awards


Appendix 1.





Following earlier disputes / protests over the eligibility of members compete in a County Championship or to represent a particular County as a member of a County Team participating in Inter – County competitions , the West Midlands Regional Committee will have regard for the following protocol to rule on eligibility.


Under most circumstances the County shown on a members's association membership card will be taken as demonstrating eligibility to compete on behalf of that County.


In the event of any protest, dispute or doubt over the accuracy of the County information recorded on the members current membership card, their residential address recorded on their current Firearms – Shotgun Certificate will be regarded as holding primacy in respect of demonstrating their current residential address and therefore the County area that the member should be representing or competing on behalf of.


Where such disputes arise at the time of a County Championship or an Inter Counties event the member should be requested to produce their Shotgun Certificate as proof of residential address before any score from that individual can be accepted to influence the result of the event.


For the avoidance of doubt, any entry to a West Midlands Championship event under Welsh or other potentially eligible memberships rather than a CPSA membership, where an individual holds membership of multiple associations will NOT be eligible for any West Midlands awards unless they use a valid CPSA membership number when entering the competition.