East Midlands FIxtures 2021



East Midlands calendar is given below.  

May 8th/9th England Team selection shoot Sporting Targets
May 16th Universal Trench Rugby & DTC
May 30th Helice Rugby & DTC
June 13th English Skeet Eriswell Lodge
June 13th Olympic Trap East Yorkshire CSG
June 27th Skeet Doubles The Priory SG
July 11th ABT Nottingham & DGC
July 17/18th Sportrap Orston SG
July 25th DTL Northampton SG
August 15th English Sporting Barrow SG
August 22nd All Round Northampton SG
August 28/29th Fitasc Sporting Targets
October 3rd Olympic Skeet The Priory CTC
October 3rd Double Rise The Priory CTC
October 10th Single Barrel The Priory CTC
October 31st Handicap by Distance The Priory CTC

East Midlands Intercounty calendar

May 30th I/C Helice Rugby & DTC
July 4th I/C Sporting Kegworth SG
July 17/18th I/C Sportrap Orston SG
August 8th I/C Fitasc Kegworth SG
September 5th I/C DTL Nottingham & DGC
September 12th I/C All Round Northampton SG
September 19th I/C English Skeet Nottingham & DGC
October 24th I/C ABT Nottingham & DGC