South East Website : Photographs 2016

Intercounties FITASC Sporting


Matt Hance representing Oxfordshire with Johnny Johnson

and (I am presuming) Champion Karl Field


Intercounties Olympic Trap

The Champions

Nathan Hales, Mike Wensley, Maciek Bilkiewicz, Jessica Hayward and Michael Bovingdon



Winning Team


Nicola Heron with Michael Bovingon, Maciek Bilkiewicz, Keith Kilvington, Craig Hayward

with Jessica Hayward

(Alain George had left so no photo)



Intercounties English Skeet

Champion Henry Mitchell Oxfordshire with 98/100



Intercounties English Skeet

Winning Team Kent and Champions

Russell Swain, Tom Field, Daren Wood, Mark Chesson, Josh Ollerenshaw, Johnny Walker

and Diane Boutcher

(Daren Wood and Nathan Skinner had left so not included in photograph)




Intercounties Helice Champion 2016

Andrew Vine (Sussex)


Intercounties Helice Championship

The Champions

Brian Metson, Nathan Hales, Dionne Rogers and Mason Rickard

Veteran Champion Bob Arnold had left the ground so no photograph


Intercounties Helice Championship

Winning Team Sussex

Andrew Vine, Alasdair Williams, John Foy, Cliff Goodwin and Ivor Dadswell



Intercounties Universal Trench 

Champion Tony Coulstock (Kent) with 96/100


Intercounties Universal Trench

Winning Team Kent

Nathan Hales (Junior) Howard Batt (Veteran) Nicola Heron (Lady)

Tony Coulstock (Champion and Mike Wensley


Intercounties Automatic Ball Trap

Champion and Lady Champion

Keith Kilvington and Nicola Heron from Berkshire



Intercounties Winning Team


Hot off the Press from Dartford !!!

It is only that I luv you all that this picture is appearing on the website !

Kelly Childs, Bradley Ballantyne, Mike Wensley, Howard Batt, Tristan Hockey and Natalie Childs

(Martin Crow had not wandered off to Dartford but had gone home so no picture of him)



Intercounties Double Trap Championship 2016

Champion for the Umpteenth Time

Steve Scott (Sussex)



Intercounties Double Trap Champions

Dorothy Fleri, Steve Scott, Tom Scott and Alain George


Intercounties Double Trap Winning Team (Sussex)

Steve Scott, Alasdair Williams and Andy Stratford

Dave Simmons and Mark Ashby were not present for the photos



Intercounties Sporting Winning Team Sussex

Champion with 97/100 was George Digweed

Sussex Representative Jim Lamb took all



Intercounties Sporting

Johnny Johnson and Sandie Buckler




Intercounties Down the Line Winning Team and Individual Champions


Natalie Childs, Bradley Ballantyne Kelly Childs, Tom Gridley,

Nick Waghorne, Johnny Johnson, Tony Coulstock

Bill Logan, Tristan Hockey



Intercounties Down the Line

Champion Tony Coulstock (Kent) after shoot off




Tony Coulstock and Lee Wakefield preparing for their shoot off

which had to be held at Dartford as Maylands had run out of shooting time





South East of England Olympic Skeet Champion Allen Warren

(and Veteran Champion)



South East of England Ladies Olympic Skeet Champion Katy Poulsom



South East of England Olympic Skeet Junior Champion Jack Collier



South of England Sporting 2016

Southdown Gun Club


Veteran Champion Geoff Evans

with Johnny Johnson

South East Regional Chairman



Intercounties Olympic Skeet 2016



The Champions, Junior Champion Jack Goodhew,

Champion and Colt Champion Jack Collier,

Lady Champion Sarah Gray and Veteran Champion Simon Davidmann


Surrey Winning Team

Jamie Burden, David Dale, Chairman of SER Johnny Johnson, Jack Collier,

Katy Poulsom, Maddie Boyd and Allen Warren