South East Website : Photographs 2017

Intercounties FITASC Sporting 2017

Lady Champion Pet Easton




Intercounties FITASC Sporting 2017

Champion Paul Lovick



Intercounties FITASC Sporting 2017


Part of Winning Team Sussex

with Veteran Winner Jim Lamb and Johnny Johnson


Intercounties Olympic Trap 2017

Champion Nathan Hales (Kent) 95/100



Intercounties Olympic Trap 2017

Winning Team Kent Mike Wensley, Tom Gridley, Tony Coulstock,

Ruben Bowyer and Nathan Hales

Junior Champion Michael Bovingdon and Lady Champion Jessica Hayward

(Veteran Champion Carl Burrow and Colt Champion Maddies Purser not present for photographs)



Intercounties English Skeet 2017

Champion from God's Own County Lee Wakefield



Intercounties English Skeet Lady Champion Pam Dorrington (Essex)



Intercounties English Skeet Junior Champion J. Ollerenshaw (Kent)



Intercounties English Skeet Colt Champion Mason Terry (Essex)



Intercounties English Skeet Veteran Champion K. Smith (Oxfordshire)



Intercounties English Skeet Winning Team - Kent



Kent Captain Daren Wood receiving the Team Trophy

from SER Chairman Johnny Johnson



Intercounties Helice 2017

Champion after shoot off with Cliff Goodwin

Alasdair Williams


Intercounties Helice 2017

Junior Champion Charles Pomfret, Colt Champion Mason Rickard,

Super Veteran Champion Chris Potter, Veteran Champion Cliff Goodwin

and Lady Champion Dionne Rogers


Intercounties Helice 2017

Winning Team Kent

Dionne Rogers, Howard Batt, Tim Rickard, Glyn Barker and Brian Metson


Intercounties Down the Line 2017

Champion Ian Flower (Sussex) 100/299


Intercounties Down the Line 2017 The Champions

Jensen King Colt Champion, Ian Flower Champion, David Amos Veteran Champion, Karen Allen Lady Champion, Lewis Smith Junior Champion

and in the front Oscar Flower who had a go with a garden gun and hit all his targets - Bless!



Intercounties Down the Line 2017 Winning Team Essex

Shane Maynard, Bill Logan, Dave Lewzey, Jessica Byard, Lee Byard, Jane Buy,

Troy Petheridge and Roger Seeley


Intercounties Down the Line

Zak Welfar from Sussex with his first 25 straight badge




Intercounties A.B.T. 2017


Senold Tas (Greater London) 95/100



Intercounties A.B.T. 2017

The Champions

Ruben Bowyer. Senol Tas, Maddie Purser and Cemal Seziner


Intercounties A.B.T. 2017

Winning Team


Tom Gridley, Colin Hales, Mike Wem]nsley, Tony Coulstock,

Howard Batt, Ruben Bowyer and Tristan Hockey




Intercounties Universal Trench 2017

Champion and Veteran Champion

Dick Fletton (Oxfordshire) 96/100



Winning Team Kent

Nathan Hales, Howard Batt, Tony Coulstock, Ross Straker with Junior Champion Ruben Bowyer, Tom Gridley, Colt Champion Tristan Hockey

and Ladies Champion Michelle Rowe

Intercounties English Sporting 2017


Champion George Digweed (Sussex) 96/100



Intercounties English Sporting

Colt Champion Alfie Tibbles (Hertfordshire) 79/100





Intercounties English Sporting  

Veteran Champion Geoff Evans (Kent) 86/100



Lady Champion Hannah Gibson and Junior Champion Billy Greenwood

were not present for the photographs



SER Chairman Johnny Johnson presenting Jim Lamb with the spoils

on behalf of the Winning Sussex Team






Intercounties Olympic Skeet 2017

Surrey Winning Team and Champion David Dale

Jack Collier, Jamie Burden, Ben Boss, David Dale (Champion) 

Allen Warren, Maddie Boyd and Katie Poulsom