South East Website : Photographs 2018


Intercounties Universal Trench

held at Nuthampstead Shooting Ground

on July 29th 2018


Champion Nigel Caves with a mighty 96/100




Winning Team Hertfordshire

Brett Winfield, Alan Haynes, Michelle Rowe (Lady Champion),

Carl Burrow from Greater London (Veteran Champion), Maddie Purser (Colt Champion),

Lucas Hyde (Junior Champion)

and Nigel Caves (Champion)



Intercounties Olympic Skeet

held 22nd April 2018 at NCSC


​Champion and Junior Champion

Jack Collier (Surrey) with 91/100


Winning Team Greater London (God's Own County)

John Perry, Jessie Burgess, Trevor Haywood, Ollie Harrison (Colt Champion)


Peter Saich Veteran Champion and Jack Collier Champion and Junior Champion

​(Sadly Alexandra Skeggs Lady Champion was not present for photograph)