WILTSHIRE Website : AGM January 2017

Wiltshire CPSA


Annual General Meeting



The George & Dragon, Potterne 16th January 2017





Attendees:    Harry Hair,  Dave Smith,  Terry Howe, Jamie Campbell, Steve Bosson, Phil Boardman, Terry Bobbett, Jamie Deadman, Phil Stokes, Pauline Stokes, Dan Carpenter, Kevin Ricks, John Fry, Sean Ponting


Apologies:       Josh Brown


Meeting opened at 8pm.


Chairman's Report: 

                        The chairman thanked all present for attending the AGM. Thanks were extended to the grounds, trappers, committee, referees and sandwich makers who all helped make it possible for us to shoot.

The chairman reminded those present that we are always on the lookout for new committee members.

There were good turnouts for all the county championships with the notable exception of the trap disciplines which continue to be poorly attended.

The Sporting Challenge was very well supported in its first year with three grounds providing the venues and £1000, Teague chokes and a gun service being the prizes.

Upavon has also confirmed that they are interested in being the fourth ground for 2017’s Sporrting Challenge.


Treasurer's Report:

                        Opening balance £803.95


            Levies 2016                                         £966.47

            Sporting Challenge Sponsorship         £850

            TOTAL                                              £1816.47



            AGM catering                                     £50

            Supreme Champion prizes 2015         £175

            Game Fair contribution                       £50

            Sporting Challenge prizes                   £1010 (some cheques not yet cashed)

            TOTAL                                              £1285


Balance at 16th January 2017                           £1562.42 (this will reduce when outstanding cheques are cashed)


The Treasurer also stated that the county championships create Wiltshire CPSA 's income for the year and that this is the income that the County relies on and it is important that the message gets out that attendance to County Championships needs to be pushed at all opportunities.



Secretary's Report:

                        The website is largely up to date.  Minutes from November and the AGM will be added.


New Committee

Steve Bosson was elected Chairman.

Phil Boardman unfortunately had to stand down as Vice Chairman for personal reasons, but will stay on the committee. Nobody was elected vice Chairman.

David Smith was elected Treasurer.

Jamie Campbell was elected Secretary.


The remaining members of the 2016 committee agreed to remain in post. These being:

Harry Hair, Terry Bobbett, Phil Boardman, Jamie Deadman, Josh Brown, Terry Howe.



AOCB: A lively debate followed. Kevin Ricks stated that the advertisement of county championships last year was too late with three championships already passed before the first mention in Pull! (Subsequent to the AGM the secretary remembered that there was no Pull! entry for March 2016 because Pull had removed him from the circulation list).

Kevin Ricks also opened a debate on the subject of teams in Wiltshire. This has been a problem for Wiltshire for a number of years. There is now a team manager (Josh Brown) and the committee hopes to be able to improve the situation but noted that it will also depend on the willingness of members to join the teams.

Mark Carpenter asked how to encourage juniors and colts into the sport. Secretary agreed to approach the Wiltshire grounds to see if they would be willing to discount the entry fees for competitions for juniors and colts.

Phil Boardman raised an issue with the OSK overall trophy being given to the highest scoring senior (Rob Mellish) rather than Ryan Whately who was Wiltshire high gun and junior champion. It was stated that this was discussed with Ryan and his father on the day and all parties to the discussion were in agreement that the trophy should be given to Rob Mellish. This led to a debate about how many trophies should be awarded for each county competition. It was agreed that a maximum of five will in future be awarded (High gun, Veteran, Senior, Lady, Junior).

Mark Carpenter agreed to provide a trophy if the committee could let him know which competitions required trophies.


The Supreme Champions trophies were awarded to:

  • Jamie Deadman (Senior Supreme Champion)
  • Harry Hair (Veteran)
  • Pauline Stokes (Lady)
  • Dan Carpenter (Junior)


Meeting closed at 9:05pm


Next Meeting:

                        January 30th at the George and Dragon in Potterne. 8pm.