WILTSHIRE Website : AGM January 2018

Wiltshire CPSA 


Annual General Meeting



The George & Dragon, Potterne 15th January 2018





Attendees:    Harry Hair,  Dave Smith, Terry Howe, Jamie Campbell, Steve Bosson, Jamie Deadman, Phil Stokes, Pauline Stokes, Dan Carpenter, Sean Ponting, Tim Gibbins


Apologies:       Terry Bobbett, Phil Boardman, Josh Brown


Meeting opened at 8pm.


Chairman's Report:  

                        The chairman thanked all present for attending the AGM. Thanks were extended to the grounds, trappers, committee, referees and sandwich makers who all helped make it possible for us to shoot.

The chairman reminded those present that we are always on the lookout for new committee members.

Last year’s AGM gave us a few points to consider. One being team entries into the county championships. With these events being advertised in Pull, Facebook, and through posters around the shooting grounds and gun shops, along with Josh Brown offering to help sort out teams and gaining very little response. As a committee we will try to get team entries next year but will need your support.

The Sporting Challenge was once again very well supported with four grounds providing the venues and £1000, Teague chokes and a gun service being the prizes.


Treasurer's Report:

Opening Balance: £1612.42




                Levies: £527.70

                Sporting Challenge Sponsorship: £875.00

                TOTAL: £1402.70



                AGM Catering: £65

                CPSA West Levy (Gloucester): £30

                CPSA badges: £52.80

                Sporting Challenge prizes 2016: £140

              Sporting Challenge prizes 2017: £926

              Flower gift: £36 

                TOTAL: £1249.80


Balance at 15th January 2018: £1781.32 (as at 11th January)



The Treasurer also stated that the county championships create Wiltshire CPSA 's income for the year and that this is the income that the County relies on and it is important that the message gets out that attendance to County Championships needs to be pushed at all opportunities.




New Committee

Steve Bosson was elected Chairman.

Harry Hair was elected vice Chairman.

David Smith was elected Treasurer.

Jamie Campbell was elected Secretary.


Tim Gibbins agreed to join the committee.

The remaining members of the 2017 committee agreed to remain in post. These being:

Harry Hair, Terry Bobbett, Phil Boardman, Jamie Deadman, Josh Brown, Terry Howe.



AOCB: Steve Bosson raised the issue of presenting county trophies at the AGM instead of at each of the events. Proposed by Jamie Campbell, seconded by Terry Howe. Carried unanimously.

It was suggested by various people throughout the year that 3 from 4 scores for the Sporting Challenge was too much for some people (with school holidays, etc) and it was suggested that 2 from 4 would be better. Proposed by Steve Bosson, seconded by Dave Smith, carried unanimously.


The Supreme Champions trophies were awarded to:

  • Harry Hair (Senior Supreme Champion)
  • Dave Smith (Veteran)
  • Pauline Stokes (Lady)
  • Dan Carpenter (Junior)


Meeting closed at 8:45pm


Next Meeting:

                        February 12th at the George and Dragon in Potterne. 8pm.