WILTSHIRE Website : Sporting Challenge 2018

This year's Sporting Challenge will take place at four grounds. Your best two scores will be totalled to give your final score.


Grounds and Dates
Ground Date
Widdington 27th May 2018
Barbury 15th July 2018
Urchfont 23rd September 2018
Gunsite 14th October 2018

The rules for the Sporting Challenge are:

1. The competition is open only to Wiltshire CPSA Shooters. 

2. Your best two out of the four scores will count over the four competitions. 

3. Prizes will be awarded for all classes (AA, A, B, C, Veteran, Lady, Junior, Colt). 

4. If you are eligible to shoot as a veteran, lady, junior or Colt you must nominate at your first event whether you are entering in you category (veteran, lady, junior, colt) or in your class (AA,A,B,C). You cannot enter in both a category and a class. 

5. Prizes will be awarded at the final event. In the event of a draw, prizes will be shared. 

6. Unclassified shooters will be classified by the ground at their first shoot in the challenge. 

7. You will only pay the usual fee for the registered competition; there will be no extra fee for the Sporting Challenge. 

8. For each of the three events you enter, you will be entered into the prize draw.