WILTSHIRE Website : April 2016

Wiltshire CPSA


Committee Meeting



The George & Dragon, Potterne 11th April 2016





Attendees: Harry Hair, Dave Smith, Terry Howe, Jamie Campbell, Phil Boardman, Josh Brown, Terry Bobbett, Jamie Deadman


Apologies: Steve Bosson



Vice-Chairman's Report:

Still chasing Paul Tudge from Gloucester for the levies from last year. Phil will contact Jim (their secretary) to finalise the skeet dates for this year and attempt to get the levies.


Treasurer's Report:

£785.95 in the bank.


Secretary's Report:

No new sponsorship has been received. To date we have received:

  • the promise of £100 from each of the three grounds

  • £100 from Eagle Grounds maintenance

  • £50 from Prior's

  • £50 from Marden Roofing

  • £100 from Andrew Bluett School of Motoring

  • the promise of 1000 cartridges from Wiltshire Rod & Gun

  • the promise of 1000 cartridges and a gun service from Greenfields

Jamie will email the Sporting Challenge rules to the committee (including the rules for deciding the class for unclassified shooters).

Jamie will request Stuart Oldman at the CPSA to send more county championship badges (since done and received for no extra cost).




AOCB: None


Next Meeting:

May 16th at the George and Dragon in Potterne at 8pm .