WILTSHIRE Website : February 2016

Wiltshire CPSA


Committee Meeting



The George & Dragon, Potterne 8th February 2016





Attendees: Harry Hair, Dave Smith, Terry Howe, Jamie Campbell, Steve Bosson, Phil Boardman, Jamie Deadman, Josh Brown, Sean Ponting


Apologies: Terry Bobbett



Chairman's Report:

Chairman was unable to make the SW Region AGM due to work commitments. Ian Stone is the new chairman of the SW Region.


Treasurer's Report:

£628 in the bank with £50 due to Harry Hair for the Veterans Supreme Champion prize.

We are still due two levies: from Gloucester Gun Club (ESK) and National Clay Shooting Centre (OSK). Approximate extra income of £50.00 and £14.00 respectively. Phil Boardman agreed to chase both.


Secretary's Report:

Have been in contact with Billy Baxter who has agreed to fund the Veterans Supreme Championship trophy.


Championship discussion:

Jamie to email Widdington to try to get sponsorship for the Sporting Challenge and to let Sean Ponting know when I get a response.

Committee agreed to simplify the Supreme Championship competition by removing the need to shoot multiple disciplines. Now it just be the five best scores for each individual. Trophies only will be awarded for first place in each of Seniors, Veterans, Ladies and Juniors. There will be no prizes for second place and no monetary rewards for any placing.

If Widdington are unable to do the ESP County Competition we will offer it to Barbury first, then Gunsite. Agreed to give Widdington two weeks from the date of the email.

We are now looking at three grounds for the Wiltshire Sporting Challenge (name agreed at this meeting). All three grounds have agreed to put forward £100 each in sponsorship. We have also received an offer of 1000 cartridges from Wiltshire Rod & Gun. We will endeavour to provide prizes in each of AA, A, B, C, Veterans, Ladies and Juniors. The more sponsorship we get the more prizes we can award.

We will use this competition to select the inter-county team.

Gunsite will get the final round of the competition.


Jamie to write to Dauntsey Guns & Mole Valley regarding sponsorship.


AOCB: None


Next Meeting:

March 7th at the George and Dragon in Potterne at 8pm .