WILTSHIRE Website : March 2016

Wiltshire CPSA


Committee Meeting



The George & Dragon, Potterne 7th March 2016





Attendees: Harry Hair, Dave Smith, Terry Howe, Jamie Campbell, Steve Bosson, Phil Boardman


Apologies: Terry Bobbett, Jamie Deadman, Josh Brown



Chairman's Report:

Sporting Challenge is generating a lot of positive interest in the county. Due to work commitments Steve cannot make the South West Regional committee meetings when they are on Wednesday nights. It was decided that the committee would send whoever is available. Jamie will notify Jane as necessary.


Treasurer's Report:

£528 in the bank with £5 received from Bisley for last year's OSK. Nothing has been received from Gloucester; Phil will chase again.


Secretary's Report:

Several letters have been sent to local gunshops and businesses asking for sponsorship of the Sporting Challenge. To date we have received:

  • the promise of £100 from each of the three grounds

  • £100 from Eagle Grounds maintenance

  • £100 from Prior's

  • £100 from Andrew Bluett School of Motoring

  • the promise of 1000 cartridges from Wiltshire Rod & Gun

  • the promise of 1000 cartridges and a gun service from Greenfields



Championship discussion:

It was decided that the Wiltshire Sporting County competition would be part of the Sporting Challenge, therefore we would need to ask for £100 from Widdington in order to be fair to the other three grounds. The competition would also have top be on a Sunday to allow as many Wiltshire shooters to take part. Jamie to contact Widdington. If Widdington are unable to take part in the Sporting Challenge we will offer it to Barbury.


Further clarification was reached on the Sporting Challenge rules: a competitor's best two out of three scores will be added together to form their final score. There was much discussion on how the prizes would be awarded. Nothing firm was decided but we are considering £75 for first place in each category and further prizes to be awarded depending on the number of competitors in the class/category.


AOCB: None


Next Meeting:

April 11th at the George and Dragon in Potterne at 8pm .