WILTSHIRE Website : October 2016

Wiltshire CPSA


Committee Meeting



The George & Dragon, Potterne 3rd October 2016





Attendees: Harry Hair, Dave Smith, Jamie Campbell, Josh Brown, Steve Bosson, Phil Boardman


Apologies: Terry Bobbett, Terry Howe, Jamie Deadman



Chairman's Report:

A discussion was held regarding the complaint received from Stuart Emms about being excluded from a shoot off for the County English Sporting competition. It was decided that the CPSA rules had been adhered to (particularly general rule 1.10) and that it was the member’s responsibility to be present at the ground when the shoot off was called. Therefore the result of the competition stands and Kevin Young is the Wiltshire English Sporting champion for 2016.


Treasurer's Report:

£2076.42 in the bank, of which £850 is sponsorship for the Sporting Challenge. Levies for this year have been £762. The levy for FITASC from Barbury is still due.


Secretary's Report:

No news this month.


County Championships:

PjB agreed to provide a veteran’s Supreme Championship Trophy.

It was agreed that, if there is a tie in the County Supreme champion we will remove the highest score and sum the four remaining scores.


Sporting Challenge:

The Sporting Challenge for 2016 has concluded and it was generally felt that it had been a good thing with many members going out of their comfort zone and shooting at grounds they did not normally use. Feedback from the county has been generally positive and it was decided to do it again next year. It was also pointed out that this should not be to the detriment of the county competitions.


AOCB: None


Next Meeting:

November 14th at the George and Dragon in Potterne at 8pm.



To be held on January 16th 2017 at the George and Dragon in Potterne at 8pm.