WILTSHIRE Website : September 2016

Wiltshire CPSA


Committee Meeting



The George & Dragon, Potterne 5th September 2016





Attendees: Harry Hair (HH), Dave Smith (DS), Terry Howe (TH), Jamie Campbell (JC), Josh Brown (JB), Steve Bosson (SB), Phil Boardman (PB)


Apologies: Terry Bobbett (TB), Jamie Deadman (JD)



Chairman's Report:

First of the Sporting Challenge events was a success.

Josh Brown was congratulated on being Junior Sportrap Champion. Josh has also accepted the team manager role for Wiltshire.


Treasurer's Report:

£1255.95 in the bank. £550 of this sponsorship money.


Secretary's Report:

Wadswick have donated 250 cartridges to the Sporting Challenge. At the end of the Sporting Challenge JC will write to all the sponsors to thank them and explain what we are planning for next year.




AOCB: None


Next Meeting:

October 3rd at the George and Dragon in Potterne at 8pm .