East Midlands Website : How to enter an Inter Counties Team

County Secretary’s or County Team Managers should enter their team to both the relevant ground and the East Midlands General Secretary via email. An entry form can be found for your convenience on this website.

This should be done at least two weeks prior to the scheduled date of the competition.

It is not the responsibility of the East Midlands CPSA or the General Secretary to book shooting times, most grounds do give consideration to far travelling counties but generally grounds allocate shooting times on a first come first served basis so early booking to the ground is essential.

The East Midlands General Secretary Colin Butler can be contacted at; colincpsa@yahoo.co.uk

Any subsequent changes should also be forwarded to the relevant ground and the Secretary.

Late entries or changes may be acceptable via telephone to the Secretary on 01933-673652.

Any Team changes on the day should be made clear to the ground and also to the on duty East Midlands official before that person commences shooting.

Changes to teams can not be effected once the person or persons effected by the changes has commenced shooting.

Entries should clearly detail CPSA numbers and the team shooters are to be competing in e.g. Senior, Ladies, Junior or Veteran.

Teams should consist of for All Round, Skeet, Sporting and DTL;

8 SENIORS (6 to count), 4 LADIES (2 to count), 4 VETS (2 to count), 4 JUNIORS (2 to count).

Fitasc and ABT Teams should consist of;

6 SENIORS (4 to count), and for the LADIES, VETS and JUNIORS as above.

Age requirements are Junior - Under 21, Veterans over 60 and over, Fitasc 55 and over.


Individual trophies will be awarded to winning and runners up Senior Teams, winning Ladies, Veterans and Junior Teams and also to the Junior High Gun, the latter is a Special Award open to Junior shooters that shoot only in a Junior Team. Juniors that represent their County as a Senior or a Lady team member will not be eligible to win this award.