East Midlands Website : Shoot off Rules for Inter Counties Shoots

For the Senior teams, any ties for trophy positions will be determined by a selected team of three for a sudden death (all three scores) shoot-off as per newer 2009 CPSA rules for DTL, English Skeet, Sporting, All Round & ABT.  For each of the Ladies, Veterans & Junior team ties, the CPSA approved ruling is that two selected team members will be involved.

For each of the Senior, Ladies, Veterans & Junior teams at the FITASC, the East Midlands will be using the best unused score from each of the tying teams, highest wins. If unresolved, the remaining unused score will be used.

Finally, if there still remains a tie, the best individual score from the tying teams will decide.
Teams who have no unused scores could lose by default.

These rules will be posted at each of the East Midlands Inter County shoots.