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The South West Regional 'Bible'

Here is a guide on how the South West Regional Committee works and some useful information about various formats.  You can download a copy here:



Inter County Regional Team Format

This is the current format used for all Regional Inter County Team events.   It is up to each County to decide how their County Teams are selected for the Inter County Regional events.  County Secretaries should submit their Inter County teams directly to the Regional Secretary for booking in at the hosting ground.  You can download a copy here to share with your County Team Managers:






There will be named Senior squads of 5/6 team members (discipline dependent) entered prior to the commencement of the shoot.  There are no limits as to how many teams your county wishes to enter in any category (subject to ground capacity*).  These teams will be known as (County) 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on  ie Devon 1st, Devon 2nd etc.  Ladies, Veteran and Junior individual scores can be included in the (County Senior) team if names are nominated before shooting commences.  All scores to count (5/6 per team).  LVJ teams will consist of up to 3 members and 2 of the 3 scores to count.  If a L V or J score is used for the (County Senior) team that individuals score will also still count towards their category team results. 


The team format for these disciplines will be 10/12 member teams with the best 5/6 scores to count.  Ladies, Veteran and Junior scores can be used for the County Senior team if nominated before shooting commences.  As with the Trap Disciplines, the L V & J individual scores used for the Senior team will still count towards their category team results and 2 of the 3 scores will calculate the team result. 


*  Priority will be given in the first instance for each County’s ‘first teams’ ie 1 x Senior, 1 x Ladies, 1 x Veterans and 1 x Junior team.  Any additional capacity will be filled with additional ‘2nd’ teams before individual entries are accepted at Inter County Team Events.


Entering County Teams for the Inter County Events 

The County Secretaries or County Team Managers should submit their teams directly to the SW Regional Secretary to be booked on with the hosting ground.  Below is a link to download the Entry Form.  For Counties wishing to enter additional teams ie 2nd/3rd teams, please list separately