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22nd August 2021 – Rugby & District Trap Club



1st        Shropshire                               38/48               s/o 11

2nd       Warwickshire                          38/48               s/o 10 

3rd        H & W                                      34/48

            Cheshire                                  no team

            Derbyshire                              no team                                  

            Gloucestershire                       no team

            Staffordshire                           no team




Champion                    Alan Rowley                Shropshire                   21       

Silver Medal                Matt Pugh                   H & W                          20

Bronze Medal             Jonti Spilman              Warwickshire              19                   


Veteran Gold               Brian Ward                  Warwickshire              18       

Veteran Silver             Trevor Lewis                Shropshire                   17

Veteran Bronze           John Moore                 H & W                          14


Lady Gold                    Jess Moore                  Shropshire                   15

Lady Silver                   none

Lady Bronze                none   


Junior Gold                  Jonti Spilman              Warwickshire              19 +2

Junior Silver                Ben Dingley                 Warwickshire              19 +1

Junior Bronze              Oliver Moore              H & W                          9


2018 Helice County Championship

A sunny and warm day treated the Warwickshire shooters who shot for the county Helice Championships at Rugby & District Trap Club. THe competition was keen with a few targets being lost due to a cross wind taking them over the fence before landing, but 14 year old Ben Killian led the way with Ben Dingley, Both finishing on 20  Ex 24.


An exiciting shoot off over 6 targets with both Bens hitting their first 5 targets ended when Ben Dingley missed his 6th target, and Ben Killian stepped up and calmly hit his.


A great day for everyone..!

Final results

County Champion       Ben Killian

Senior Champion        Wayne Killian

Veteran Champion      Anthony Evans

Lady Champion                No Entry

Junior Champion         Ben Dingley

Colt Champion            Ben Killian



Ben Killian                                Wayne Killian                        Anthony Evans                        Ben Dingley

Full Results:




2017 Helice County Championship

County Champion       Mark Knibbs

Veteran Champion      John Nightingale

Junior Champion         Ben Dingley

No Lady entry


full results




2016 Helice County Championship


County Champion       Chris Organ

Veteran Champion      Stu Thomas

Junior Champion         Luke Daniel

No Lady entry


full results




2015 Helice County Championship


County Champion       John Nightingale

Senior Champion        A Hawkins

Veteran Champion      John Nightingale

No Lady entry

No junior entry