HEREFORD & WORCESTER Website : Welcome


Hereford & Worcester are one of seven counties that make up the West Midlands Region.  The other Counties are:-  Cheshire, Derbyshire, Gloucestershire, Shropshire, Staffordshire and Warwickshire.


The Hereford & Worcester CPSA committee are made up of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and several committee members.  The team managers are made up from the selected committee.  We also have two Area representatives that are selected from the committee.


We hold an AGM every year usually at the beginning of February.  Any CPSA member can attend and as well as the election of a new committee we also have lunch and an award ceremony for all the county winners from the previous year.  This is very light hearted and not as serious as some of you may think.


Team Managers are selected from the committee, so if you think you deserve a place in the Inter County events, contact the appropriate team manager.


We have one County Ground in Hereford & Worcester - Park Farm Shooting Ground, Ombersley, Worcester, WR9 0EX 


Hereford & Worcester hold approximately 14 different championships every year and the good news now for all H&W members is that we don't have to travel miles for some of these as, at long last, we have a registered ground in the county.  We hold the following disciplines, subject to ground and dates available:- English Sporting, Compact Sporting, FITASC, English Skeet, Olympic Skeet, Skeet Doubles, All Round, Down the line (DTL), Automatic Ball Trap (ABT), Single Barrel, Double Rise, Olympic Trap, Double Trap and Universal Trench.  We have trophies for all these disciplines and the main County Championship Trophy is normally presented on the day, but the Runner Up, Ladies, Veterans, Junior and Colts awards are presented at the AGM.                          BUT PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY FULLY PAID UP FULL MEMBERS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR ANY AWARDS.


The West Midlands Area Championships are held for most of the above disciplines I have mentioned and are open to any CPSA full member.


These Championships are held in most of the disciplines I have mentioned.  The County team managers will select his/her team for these.  There is a Senior team in all the disciplines but there is only Ladies, Veterans and Junior teams for All Round, English Sporting, English Skeet and DTL.  Juniors and colts can be selected for the Junior team.  Any one from any gender can be selected for the main senior team.  There are no Inter-County teams for Compact Sporting, Skeet Doubles, Single Barrel and Double Rise.

A list of all County Championship dates and venues are normally posted to all Hereford & Worcester members around April.  These dates are also listed on this website.  If dates or venues should change we do our utmost to contact those we have an email address for.  The Secretary has a list of email addresses and if you would like to be included please contact her at as, unfortunately HQ are not allowed to inform us of any details relating to members due to the 'Data Protection' act.

If there is anything I have missed that you need answers to, please contact me, if I don't know the answer I am sure I can find a 'man' that can.

I sign off now wishing you all good shooting and look forward to see you at one of our shoots.

Pat Smith - Secretary