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Minutes of the Essex CPSA AGM held on Wednesday 29th January 2020 at the White Hart in Witham


Committee members present

Ian Schwier (Chairman)
Nadine Gilder (Secretary)
Dave Bignell (Vice Chairman)
Todd Bridge
Jon Willis
Lee Byard
Glen DeFreitas

  1. Apologies for absence

Cathy Curtis, Jerry Bland, Mac, Dave Butcher, Luke Riddington

  1. Minutes from 2019

The minutes from 2019 were all signed off as correct and accurate as a majority

  1. Matters arising from 2019 minutes

There were no matters arising

  1. Chairman’s report

Ian started his speech with reminding everyone that the first Sporting selection shoot was that weekend coming. He would like to welcome back Dave Bignell to the committee also.

  1. Treasurers report

Unfortunately, Luke was unable to attend, sadly meaning there were no finance figures to report although Dave Bignell did state that he believes the figures are mostly the same as last years and that the bank is still looking healthy.

  1. Committee members reports

Glen – Skeet

Glen reported that the National Intercounties went very well for the Essex Skeet Team. Vets, Colts and Ladies won 1st place, with Juniors being Runners Up. Glen presented all winners present with trophies and badges/medals. A lot of the shooters had coaching days with Allan Warren and so a massive thank you to him. Glen said he wants to make sure there are more Junior and Colt days coming up this year and get the selection shoots sorted also.

Lee – DTL

Lee said that unfortunately Essex did not come anywhere this year at Nationals in DTL like they have done in previous years, but a lot of Essex shooters did do well at the Krieghoff shoot in 2019. The year was a good one overall and the DTL team welcomed 3 new members as well. Good hopes for 2020.

Ian – Sporting/Fitasc/Compak/Sportrap

Ian reported that unfortunately Essex did not come anywhere at the 2019 National Intercounties but well done to any Essex shooters for any wins they did have throughout the year. It is likely that the 2020 Essex Champs for Compak will be held yet again at High Lodge, mainly because this is the only ground close by that offers the discipline. Clacton dates have been announced for all County Championships and can also be found on the website. The Fitasc Champs are likely to be sorted out later in the year when we know what grounds are available. Ian went on to congratulate Stuart Clarke for making the England Team last year as well. A special mention to Matt Coward-Holly as well who is an Essex Olympic Trap shooter and has been offered a place at the 2020 Olympics.

Jon – Colts and Juniors

Jon reported that the open day held at the Fennes was a success and well attended. It was a great day had by all and hopefully some will continue. There is interest coming from other angles as well and we are going to hopefully try and get them involved butt hank you to any parents who have been driving their kids round to these shoots. It was disappointing to find out that there was not a Colts category at the Intercounties. Colts are the future of the sport and without the Colts coming into the sport the sport would die very quickly. This should be bought to the CPSA’s attention so that there is Colts categories in the future, and it cannot go on without them. Jon and Ian agreed a letter would be written to the CPSA to voice this opinion.

  1. Election of Chairman

Ian was re-elected as Chairman – Todd Bridge proposed this, Dave Bignell seconded it.

  1. Election of the Committee

Everyone agreed and was happy for the current committee to continue as they are, and Dave Bignell was elected as Vice Chairman with Ian proposing and Lee Byard seconding.

  1. CPSA South East Region Director’s Report

We were lucky enough to have someone from the CPSA in attendance this year. These are the points talked about and raised.

  • Juniors and colts – to bring up with the CPSA about badges and trophies for the younger generation as it means a lot more to them when they are only just coming into the sport.
  • Lack of members a the AGM – assume that’s a good thing.
  • County committees aren’t helped as much as they used to be and so that’s why I joined so that I could fight those corners.
  • You can ask the CPSA to match funding for events, coaching, badges, trophies etc.
  • The CEO of the CPSA is trying very hard to get more sponsorship for the larger events.
  • Would be great if the CPSA could try and get more trade stands at the larger events rather than them being overrun by food stalls.
  • Why doesn’t the top 20 include the Ladies category also rather than being just 10 Ladies when in particular in the Sportrap category there were 16.
  • Ask the SE Region for the £500 funding
  • All issues raised were to be taken back to the CPSA.


  1. AOB

It was mentioned by Todd Bridge that there is a lot of trophies missing on the Sporting side of things and that they should be replaced. The committee agreed that these can in fact now be replaced.

If anyone has any reports or photos or just anything that could go in the magazine, please don’t hesitate to pass them onto to Ian who is currently doing this for Essex.

Sponsors for trophies – are local grounds willing to sponsor trophies for certain Essex events, please can they be asked. Can we set up a Just Giving page where a lot of small companies can sponsor small amounts which would then accumulate.

Contact Natwest to see if they would sponsor Colts and Juniors. They are known for sponsoring £400-£500 for smaller organisations/sports clubs.

Can the CPSA contact Essex shooters on our behalf for support for trophies, badges and anything else and something be put in Pull magazine to support this.

Todd Bridge said he is willing to pay for the Essex Sporting badges this year – Maldon Landscaping.

Barry Dobbs has said he can captain the Olympic Skeet team as well as sort the teams out for this coming year.

Try and get some more Essex Olympic Skeet shooters, Southend Gun Club has the range and is willing to let people come and give it a go to see if there is some interest.

Southend Gun Club is willing to put on a sponsored Colt and Junior day for Olympic Skeet which will hopefully bring some more interest to the discipline from the younger generation.

Olympic Skeet, Skeet, Skeet Doubles badges to all be sponsored by Tony Mihill this year.

Meeting closed at 8.55pm. Thank you to everyone that attended and contributed.