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County Achievement Award Description


  • For all Categories (Seniors, Vets, Ladies, Juniors & Colts)
  • A system based on 'sores' depending on what each shooter's score is in each county championship.
  • 7 Best Scores to count from the County Championships but included in those 7 must be:

2 Skeet (Skeet Doubles, English Skeet, Olympic Skeet)
2 Trap (Olympic Trap, ABT, Single Barrel, Universal Trench, DTL)
2 Sporting (English Sporting, Compak, Sportrap & FITASC)

  • Scores will be out of 700, which will be the best 7 scores including 2 Trap, 2 Skeet & 2 Sporting disciplines as stated above.
  • Shooters can choose their last discipline to shoot.


For example:

ESK score - 90
SKD score - 85
Olympic Trap score - 90
ABT score - 95
Sportrap score - 85
FITASC score - 85
DTL score - 100

Total Score = 630/700


  • Trophies awarded at the end of the year for the highest score in each category.
  • All Round, Springing Teal, Helice & Side by Side are not included in this, because they are less than 100 targets or not an ‘official’ discipline or a mixed discipline such as All Round, but we will still have county championships for those 4 which are also included in the Supreme Champions League Table.