HAMPSHIRE Website : Hants Champs 2013

Hampshire Olympic Skeet
Hants Champion: Ben Foote
Owls Lodge Shooting School held the Hampshire Olympic Skeet Championships on the 12th October, with the weather continuing to be kind for this time of year the results would hopefully reflect this. With Ollie Golden very sportingly ruling himself out of the competition (A Junior team GB member & he works at the ground) it gave the rest of the field a chance at the title. 12 people made the Saturday trip to shoot this usually under attended Hants Championship, and made a day of shooting this and the Double Rise held on the Trap layout. It seemed like we spent more time laughing at each other on our squad than actually shooting but surprisingly enough a few of us were in contention. The first round saw Ben Gordge shoot a 19 followed by Neil Lockton and Richard Horn on 17 but in the second round Ben had a poor start leaving it to both Neil and Richard to take the lead and with peg 8 to finish on, Neil was 1 target up on Richard. Richard however showed us just how to shoot peg 8 and levelled things up between them. Ben Foote made the trip to Owls Lodge and was shooting on the squad previous, he finished on 36/50 which just beat Neil & Richard by 1 clay and he took the title for the first time.
Hampshire Double Rise
Hants Champion: Neil Lockton
This year the Double Rise was held at Owls Lodge Shooting School on Saturday 12th October. It was run alongside the Olympic Skeet with the view of attracting a few more people than usual, as you could shoot both events on a Saturday and not effect the shooters normal disciplines. With 12 Hampshire entries, there were plenty of people this time for a competition. Amongst the entrants was Neil Lockton who had already taken the Double Trap title earlier in the year, also with Paul Dixon, Ben Gordge, and Ron King all being experienced trap shots things should be tight at the top. Phil Buxton had another good day coming in on 48/60 tied with Ron king, just behind them was Ben Gordge 47 and Paul Dixon 46. Neil Lockton shot two consistent rounds finishing with a 51/60 and taking the last title of the year. As with the double/triple trap we found another new trap discipline to shoot at, this time it was Double Jap Trap consisting of two OT targets at once which was hard at first but proved how far out an OT target can be broken! Neil however also won this with a 15/24.
Hampshire FITASC
Seniors Champion: Neil Lockton
Veterans Champion: Ron King
Ladies Champion: Carole Sawkins
Southdowns Gun Club held this event for us on the 4th August, 19 Hampshire entries was a little down on last year but with 60 overall that's nearly a third of the entry. Neil Lockton had a great day shooting a 90 to take the Hampshire title and come second overall in the event. John Heagren was his nearest competitor but finishing on 85 Neil had a comfortable lead, Ron King won the Veterans title with an 83 and Carole Sawkins the Ladies title with 72. 
Hampshire Olympic Trap
Hants Champion: Rod Gould
The National Clay Shooting centre once again held this event for us, unfortunately out of the 47 entrants only three Hampshire members showed up which were R Gould, C Dean and R Smith. Rod Gould once again shot well finishing on 88, which was 3 targets clear of the closest county rival Chris Dean. Not only did Rod take the Hampshire Title but also joint High Gun.
Hampshire DTL
Hants Champion: Mark Bryant
Fareham Clay Target Club hosted the Hampshire DTL Championship today 9th June. Still enjoying the perfect weather you would of thought the scores would be high but this wasn't the case. Neil Lockton started the day with a perfect 25/75 with George Semmens not far behind. Neil allowed one to many to slip away which opened the gates to both George and Mark Bryant, George however also missed one to many which meant Mark would take the title 3 points clear.
Scores as follows:
AA - Paul Dixon 92/273
A - Mark Bryant 97/282
B - George Semmens 95/279
C - Gerry Abbott 93/272
Hampshire Helice
Hants Champion: Carl Miles
A1 Shooting Ground kindly once again held this fixture for us, with the perfect weather we were having the scores would always be high. Both Dionne Rogers & Jane Bell shot perfect scores, so the pressure was on for high gun. With five squads present it was a well attended fixture, Mal Grant shot 11/15 but Carl Miles shot a perfect score of 15/15 to ensure he would take the title home. Well done Carl your certainly enjoying the change to Helice!
Hampshire Universal Trench

Hants Champion: Richard Kelsh

The National clay shooting centre held the Hampshire UT championships today June the 2nd. This county championship was held along side 4 other counties but only a total of 35 shooters made the event, unfortunately the fixture clashed with a UT selection shoot which is maybe something to be avoided next year. This is without fail the worst attended Hampshire shoot this year with a very disappointing 3 entries yes 3!!! this will be being addressed at the next Hants CPSA meeting. However Carl Miles, Tony Gentili and Richard Kelsh did make the trip so it was game on between the 3 of them. With a 23 Carl was off to a great start but then the 19 that followed soon levelled things back up again. Richard finished on 83 with Carl trailing by only 2 targets and Tony by 5, so it was close between them but Richard took the Hampshire title.

Hampshire English Sporting
Seniors Champion: Richard Faulds 
Ladies Champion: Tanya Faulds
Veterans Champion: Brian Jewell
Juniors Champion: Luke Elliott
Colts Champion: Connor Gorsuch
Wylye Valley held the English Sporting Championship this year and kindly reserved a popular Bank Holiday fixture for the event. The scores would indicate it was a tough shoot even with the weather on the shooters side. Of the 137 entrants 46 of them were from Hampshire, which is a little down on last year but unfortunately is a sign of the times. John Heagren was leading the Hampshire field on an 86 and was looking to regain his title, but straight back from the European Fitasc in the Cech Rep was Richard & Tanya Faulds, who made the trip to Wylye Valley to compete for another county title. Richard went 6 better and shot a 92 to take High Gun and the Seniors Hampshire Championship title, Tanya finished 73 to take the Ladies title, once again Luke Elliott regained his title with an 82 and Brian Jewell went one better on 83 to take the Veterans title, Connor Gorsuch won the Colts Class with a 78 also.

Hampshire ABT

Hants Champion: Ben Gordge

Fareham Clay Target Club was once again the venue for this event. With the sun shining and no windy weather the book of excuses was nowhere to be seen. There were 4 squads of Hampshire shooters which is still way off there old average (back in the day you would have to queue for this event and hope you made a squad before they turned you away due to too many entries!) Ben Gordge shot consistently all day 23, 23, 24, 23 but hot on his heels was fellow squad member Ron King and also Gerry Abbott was on form. Ben went into the last layout 2 targets clear but unfortunately lost his lead to Ron. It looked like it was going to go to a shoot off but then Ron missed his 98th bird to fall one behind, Gerry needed to straight his last layout but only managed a 20 so the title went to Ben.


Hampshire English Skeet

Hants Champion: Richard Faulds

Fareham Clay Target Club hosted the English Skeet Championship today Sunday 12th May. The weather was a mixed bag again with sunshine in the morning followed by wind & rain in the afternoon. Only 16 Hampshire shooters attended the event, one of which was Richard Faulds looking to with hold his title from last year. At the 25 mark only Richard and Junior Luke Elliott were straight, this was also the case at the 50 target stage, Richard then went one better to stay straight at 75. In the last round however both Richard and Luke let a couple slip away leaving them on 98 & 97 with a close Alan Saunders on 96. Connor Gorsuch shot well again and finished 92 to take the Colts class yet again with Luke also winning the Juniors.


Hampshire Sport Trap

Hants Champion: Ron King

Owls Lodge hosted the 2013 Hampshire Sport trap championship today Saturday 11th May. With a record entry of 43 Hampshire shooters out of the 64 entries this proved a popular event especially on a Saturday fixture. The weather wasn't the most favourable with gusts of wind and light rain effecting scores but Ron King prevailed with a strong 93, close behind was Connor Gorsuch with a 92 winning Colts and Luke Elliott with 91 who won the Juniors. Nigel Frampton took the Veterans title on 87 and Tanya Faulds won the Ladies title with 76.

Hampshire All Round

Hants Champion: Luke Elliott

The first of the County Championship results are in, the All-round held at Fareham Clay Target club and what a great day cold but sunny a perfect combination. Luke Elliott came out on top spot once again in this fixture that he seems to dominate, shooting a 93 he not only won the Hants Championship but also High Gun and the Fareham Clay Target Club Presidents Cup.

Other scores as follows:

1st in AA class Ben Gordge with a 88
2nd in AA Phil Eames with 77 
Joint 1st in A class Neil Lockton and A Saunders on 88
3rd in A class Andy Gordge with a 84
1st in B class Brian Coupe with a 83
2nd in B Geoff Burton with 81
Joint 1st in C class D Smith and P Robinson with 77.

Hampshire Single Barrel

Hants Champion: Andy Gordge

Owls Lodge was the venue for the Single barrel today Saturday the 13th April. Although it was not the best of days weather wise it was a well attended shoot seeing three full Hampshire squads. With the wind playing on targets it made it that little bit more difficult but Andy Gordge held his nerve and took the title.


Hampshire Double Trap

Hants Champion: Neil Lockton

This years Double trap championship was held at Owls Lodge, and proved to be a good move as this year saw 15 Hampshire entries battling it out for the title, that's 15 more than last year! Neil Lockton shot consistently well all day to finish 91/120 closely followed by Ben Gordge on 88 and Paul Dixon on 86. Neil, Ron and Luke then finished the day off inventing a new discipline called triple trap which uses a semi auto to shoot all three targets at once!