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Cheshire CPSA Shooting Fixtures - 2020:



2020 Cheshire County Individual Championships  West Midlands Area Individual Championships West Midlands Inter-Counties Team Championship
Discipline Date Venue Date Venue Date  Venue
Automatic Ball Trap
29th March Fauxdegla  Cancelled 18th October Rugby 21st June Rugby     Cancelled
A/R      All Rounder N/A N/A 13th September Nottingham  Cancelled 13th September Nottingham  Cancelled
D/R      Double Rise N/A N/A 7th June Ranton   Cancelled  N/A N/A
D/T      Double Trap N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
DTL      Down The Line 26th July Holmes Chapel 16th August Fauxdegla 2nd August Nottingham  Cancelled
ESK      English Skeet 5th September North Wales 13th September


6th September Doveridge  Cancelled
ESP    English Sporting 26th July Catton Hall 27th September Westfields 27th September Westfields  Cancelled
Compact Sporting
N/A N/A 13th April  Garlands  Cancelled N/A N/A
FITASC Sporting 29thFeb/1st March Garlands 29thFeb/1st March Garlands 29thFeb/1st March Garlands  Cancelled
HBD                            Handicap By Distance N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Helice ZZ N/A N/A 23rd August Rugby 23rd August Rugby    Cancelled
OSK      Olympic Skeet N/A N/A 19th July Gloucester  Cancelled 19th July Gloucester  Cancelled
OT      Olympic Trap 12th July Fauxdegla  Cancelled 9th August Fauxdegla 9th August Fauxdegla  Cancelled
S/B      Single Barrel 16th August Fauxdegla 16th August Fauxdegla N/A N/A
SKD      Skeet Doubles 5th September  North Wales 20th September  Gloucester N/A N/A
STR      Sportrap 30th May North Wales Cancelled 27th September Westfields N/A N/A
UT    Universal Trench 24th May Fauxdegla  Cancelled 4th October Rugby 5th July Rugby    Cancelled
Club Man 19th September Garlands  Cancelled 19th September Garlands  Cancelled N/A N/A
ESP                            Promatic Challenge 30th/31st August Kegworth N/A N/A N/A N/A
Cheshire Selection Shoots
Cheshire DTL Selections 19th April

Fauxdegla  Cancelled

14th June Holmes Chapel Cancelled 19th July Nottingham  Cancelled
26th July Holmes Chapel (Cheshire Champs)   Cancelled     PLUS 2 Shoots of your Choice
Shooters must shoot 4 shoots to qualify for DTL selection, Best 4 scores to count
Cheshire ESK Selections 15th march Doveridge 5th April Doveridge Cancelled 31th May Doveridge Cancelled
6th June (sat) North Wales Cancelled 11th July (sat) North Wales (sealands)  Cancelled 5th September (sat) North Wales (Cheshire Champs)
Shooters must shoot 3 out of 5 shoots to qualify for Skeet selection, Best 3 scores to count
Cheshire ESP Selections  23rd February Doveridge 12th April Oakedge  Cancelled 3rd May Garlands   Cancelled
7th June  Orston     Cancelled 11th July (sat) Mickley Hall Cancelled 26th July Catton Hall (Cheshire Champs)
Shooters must shoot 3 out of 6 shoots to qualify for Sporting selection, Best 3 scores to count incl Cheshire Championship
Additional Shooting Events Supported by Cheshire CPSA (All Welcome)
Kevin Howarth Memorial Shoot 11th July (sat) Mickley Hall Rob Claybrook
Cheshire Shield Police 100 ESP  8th October Cancelled Hodnet  Glassware & Special prizes for Guests & Cheshire CPSA Teams
Eley Grand Prix 120 Super ESP TBC  TBC Shotgun for high Gun and cash prizes in all classes 
Alan Millington Memorial Shoot TBC  TBC Trophy for High Gun