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Shoot for Cheshire:

Please let us know if you are interested in shooting for Cheshire by providing the following information so we can keep you informed of the selection procedure and Team Club activities. Our Team Coordinator (contact details below) will put you in touch with the appropriate Team Manager for the discipline(s) you wish to participate in:-

  • Your name:
  • CPSA number: (still apply if you haven't joined yet)
  • Phone number:
  • Email address:

Cheshire Shooting Team Clubs:

For more information please contact our Team Coordinator, details below;

Team Managers:

DTL Manager – David Hurstfield

DTL Assistant Manager - Emma Percival

ESK Manager – Colin Babcock

ESK Assistant Manager – Maurice Cunningham

ESP Manager  Nigel Lane

ESP Assistant Manager - Scott Barnett

FAST-TRAP Manager (ABT, OTR, UTR) - Mike Sargeson

FAST-TRAP Assistant Manager - TBC

FITASC Manager – Scott Barnett


Contact details:-

Team Coodinator – Ian Cunliffe (Email:, Mobile: 07801 927646