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Cheshire Shooting Team DTL Selection Information:


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All 2020 Cheshire Down The Line (DTL) Shooters

If you wish to represent the Cheshire DTL team at the West Midlands & National Inter Counties Championships, the selection process is as follows, it consists of 4 shoots from the list below & *2 more scores can be used from 2 x 100 bird registered shoots of you choice * with 4 of your scores to count.

Cheshire Down The Line Selection events

19th April 2020 – Fauxdegla Cancelled 14th June 2020 - Holmes Chapel Cancelled

19th July 2020 - Nottingham Cancelled  26th July 2020 - Holmes Chapel (Cheshire Championship), 


                             West Midlands Area Individual Championships

21st April 2020 - Holmes Chapel Cancelled

West Midlands Inter-Counties Team Championships

 2nd August 2020 - Nottingham Cancelled

National Inter- Counties Team Championship

27th September 2020 - North of England


If you wish or have the desire to shoot for Cheshire, please Contact David Hurstfield, or any committee member, details provided below:





              David Hurstfield Mobile:  07841825307



DTL Team Selection Scores 2020

Your best 3 scores will be added in the Total Column


Name Fauxdegla 19th April 2020  Cancelled Points Holmes Chapel 14th June 2020 Points Notting ham 19th July 2020 Points Holmes Chapel 26th July 2020 Points Your Choice 2020 Points Your Choice 2020 Points Total