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 As from March 2018 we will be running a league table for ladies shooting as both individual and team members. In 2019 there will be eight league events running from March to October 2019 and all will be shot on a Saturday.

The Events will be held at :

Catton Hall Outdoor Experience Venue

Mickley Hall Shooting School

North Wales Shooting School

Holmes Chapel Shooting Ground

Cloudside Shooting and Sporting Club

Fauxdegla Premier Shooting Ground

                                                           Doveridge Clay Sports Club


About the League

In 2019 the LCSL were announced as winners of the "Development and Initiative Award" at the annual CPSA awards ceremony, this year held at The Belfry.

The format will be a 75 bird shoot across three disciplines open to all ladies from all counties. There will be six English Sporting (ESP) events and the remaining two will be Skeet (ESK) and Down the Line/Trap (DTL).  The Skeet shoot will be at North Wales Shooting School and the DTL shoot will be at Holmes Chapel.

The League is designed for women who want that bit more out of their shooting and would like an introduction to a competitive and informative environment. The events will be run in a helpful, friendly atmosphere where you can experience all aspects of competitive shooting. Scoring will be done within the event squads and assisted by Cheshire CPSA volunteers where possible.

As an individual, you will be classified (A, B or C shooter) this will be determined at each event, you must shoot five off the eight events to qualify for the end of season awards. Upon registration you can nominate your chosen ground team that you wish to shoot for. The best four scores per team members will count for the Top Team award at each event.

Guest Appearances

We have lined up through the year top lady shooters to give you demos and hopefully answer any questions you may have.  We are incredibly lucky to have this opportunity and we hope that you will be able to take advantage of these sessions.


The League shoots will be held at the grounds as published in the EVENT CALENDAR below.   You can find out more about the grounds by clicking on them.  

You will find all the information you need here, on our FAQs, in our Rules.

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To take part -

Step 1 REGISTER for the League

Step 2 ENTER Event               


To find out about how the TEAMS are chosen, please click here.



Fixtures Calendar

Catton Hall Outdoor Experience Venue 2nd March 2019, 9am start English Sporting (ESP)
Mickley Hall Shooting School 6th April 2019, 9am start English Sporting (ESP)
Holmes Chapel Shooting Ground 4th May 2019, 9am  start Down the Line (DTL)
Doveridge Shooting Ground 1st June 2019, 9am start English Sporting (ESP)
North Wales Shooting School 6th July 2019, 9am start English Skeet (ESK)
Mickley Hall Shooting School  3rd August 2019, 9am start English Sporting (ESP)
Fauxdegla Premier Shooting Ground 7th September 2019, 9am start English Sporting (ESP)
Catton Hall Outdoor Experience Venue 5th October 2019, 9am start English Sporting (ESP)



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