LINCOLNSHIRE Website : Team qualification rules





1.  To qualify for a place in the Lincolnshire team, whether for Regional or National Inter-county events, you must have submitted a score at the County Championship in the discipline you are applying for.


     Additional teams and individuals can enter a National Inter-county event but first team members must not be used to make up these team places.


2.  The scores submitted will establish the team places from the highest working downward.  Any ties to be decided on the final day of the championship by a shoot off.  If none of the tied shooters are in attendance then the ‘count back’ system will be used.  If only one  shooter remains on the final day they will automatically take the place available with the other shooters becoming reserves ranked by "count back".


     The team selection criteria for each category is as follows:

     Veteran, junior and ladies' teams will be selected using the top scores from each category.  If the remaining scores from each category are greater than some of the top scores in the open/senior category those scores will be incorporated in the open/senior team selection.


     Team application forms give the option to enter either the Regional Inter county event or the National Inter-county event or both and in all cases the teams will be selected using the above criteria in order to give the strongest team in each category.


3.  Anyone eligible for more than one category must choose their preferred category.  If no nomination is made you will be entered into your natural category as defined by age and gender.  Team application forms must be submitted to the team manager before the end of the shoot to qualify for a team place


4.  You may choose to enter any category for which you are eligible (see below for age limits) but if you choose a category other than your natural category as defined by age and gender you must submit your application form to the team manager before you shoot.  If the team managers are late for any unforeseen circumstances and the forms are not immediately available to complete, then the shooter must inform one of the committee of their intention to shoot and in which category.  In the highly unlikely event that neither the team managers, nor a member of the committee, nor the forms are available before a shooter leaves the ground a team application form should be downloaded from the Lincolnshire CPSA website and the completed form left at the ground for the team managers/committee members to collect upon their arrival.


5.  You will be required to advise the relevant Team Manager if you do not intend to attend the regional or national inter-county event at least two weeks prior to the event taking place.  The date of each inter-county event, both regional and national is detailed on the team application forms.


6.  Action may be implemented against any shooter failing to represent the County team that they were selected for if they do not advise the Team Managers of their withdrawal.


7.  Any action implemented against a shooter will be at the discretion of the County Committee at that time.  This may be in the form of a restriction from County teams for a period of one year.


8.  You will be responsible for all entry fees and associated costs in competing as a county team member except where the committee have stated they will make a contribution.


Please note that you will not be eligible to receive either a subsidised skeet vest (new team members) or an entry contribution until you have attended the relevant team event.  A county skeet vest must be worn when representing the County.  Unless there is a very good reason, i.e. the skeet vest was awarded when you were a junior and you have now outgrown it, then failure to wear a county skeet vest may result in the forfeit of any entry contribution paid by the Committee.


9.  You must at all times be a fully paid up member of the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association Ltd


10. In exceptional circumstances the committee/team managers reserve the right to select    team members at their own discretion if any of the above rules cannot be fulfilled.


The number of qualifying shooters to be selected for Regional team events are as follows:


DTL, Sporting, All Round, English Skeet


8 Seniors   (6 to count)

4 Ladies     (2 to count)

4 Juniors   (2 to count)

4 Veterans (2 to count)


ABT & Fitasc


6 Seniors    (4 to count)

4 Ladies      (2 to count)

4 Juniors    (2 to count)

4 Veterans  (2 to count)




6 in total irrespective of category


The number of qualifying shooters to be selected for National team events are as follows:

          DTL, ABT, English Skeet, Sporting & All Round

          6 Seniors (5 to count)

          3 ladies    (2 to count)

          3 juniors  (2 to count)

          3 veterans (2 to count)


DEFINITION OF AGE LIMITS (Rule 1.9 Booklet 1) (to apply at the date of the relevant intercounty shoot for all disciplines)

         Juniors  under 21

         Seniors 21 to under 60

         Veterans 60 and over