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*      The 5 County Championship events to count are: English Skeet, English Sporting, DTL, All Round and ABT.


*      Shooters do not have to enter all qualifying events


*      Points will be awarded as follows:  10 points for 1st place, 9 points for 2nd place and so on until ninth place is awarded 2 points.  Every other shooter will be awarded 1 point.


*      In the event of tied scores each shooter will be awarded the appropriate points for the position.  The next placed shooter will be given the points for his/her placing based upon the number of shooters above him/her i.e. if 3 shooters tie for 3rd place position each shooter will be awarded 8 points.  The next placed shooter will be awarded 5 points.


*      Every shooter irrespective of category will be scored for the overall title of Supreme Champion using the 10 point scoring system.


*      Shooters will then be entered into their category and there will be separate awards for Seniors, Ladies, Juniors and Veterans.


*      The award of the overall Supreme Champion will take that person out of his/her category and the awards for Seniors, Ladies, Juniors and Veterans will be decided thereafter.


*      Ladies, Junior and Veterans categories will be scored using a 5 point system. 1st place being awarded 5 points, 2nd place 4 points etc.


*      The shooter is responsible for having his/her score ratified by the County Team manager who will be present at each of these events.


*      The shooter will be automatically entered into the Championship by use of the CPSA website.


*      Members of the County Committee will have the responsibility of collating the results.  Where there is a tie the position will be awarded to the member who has achieved his/her points over the smallest number of disciplines


*      The winner will be notified by the County Committee before the AGM


*      The winner will be announced at the AGM


*      A perpetual trophy will be presented to the overall Supreme Champion who must engrave it as appropriate and return it the following year.  A keepsake momento will also be presented to the Supreme Champion.  Trophies will also be presented to the winners of the Senior, Ladies, Junior and Veteran categories which will be retained by the winners.